First Impressions

Good presentation maximises the desirability and value of your property. That is why Thinq homes staff take great pride in ensuring your property is presented in the best possible light. Every property we are entrusted with is visited by one of our professional photographers who produce the images that form the basis for marketing your property.

Light and Space

Windows look best when they are cleaned (inside and out) and covered as little as possible. Net curtains should be taken down or slid to the side and blinds should be lifted. If possible, position the sofa against a wall. This emphasises the size of the room and creates a more attractive photo. Make sure furniture or items stored behind doors do not prevent them from opening properly. This allows space for the photographer to stand back and frame more of the room.

Applying these rules

Knowing and applying these rules will significantly improve the saleability of your home.


  • Washing up and washing up equipment, kitchen towels, oven mittens, toothbrushes, shampoos etc should be placed out of sight. All kitchen and bathroom surfaces should be cleared.
  • Remove from view; laundry, carrier bags, toys, colourful magazines, catalogues, tissue boxes etc
  • Remove from view items with easily recognisable logos or strongly coloured packaging including food products.
  • Hide cable tangles and if necessary disconnect appliances except lamps. Make sure all light bulbs work, particularly in ceiling spot lights, chandeliers and above the cooker.
  • Choose light neutral coloured bed linen and make sure it is not creased.
  • Fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables always look good. Remove dead plants.


  • Prepare the outdoor seating area - even in winter
  • Remove washing lines and loose covers.
  • Mow the lawn or rake up leaves.
  • Hide outdoor rubbish and recycling bins etc.