Frequently Asked Questions fromlandlords property

Common questions and answers about letting property in the UK

What fees do Thinq Homes charge for letting a property?

Thinq Homes have a variety of service levels, we arerenowned for our tailor made packages to suit landlords. Please contact our office for further information.

Do you accompany all viewings?

We certainly try to within our extended opening hours and our keys are kept on a secure tagging system. Research and experience tell us that tenants feel most comfortable when viewing with the agent and not with the landlord.

When will I receive my rent &statement?

Your rent will be paid on the same day, this can be delayed if rent arrives after offices hours. A statement will automatically be sent to your email account on the 1st or 15theach month. At no extra cost to you.

Will you deal with the deposit dispute if there is one?

We will help you propose deductions on our managed service and file the dispute for you.

Will you check my property throughout the tenancy?

We do quarterly checks if, some inspections can longer depending on landlords instructions.

How much deposit do you require from tenants?

A minimum of 6 weeks deposit will be held, this can depend on landlords instructions.

What do we do about utilities?

Contact all and advise you are moving, but do not have anything disconnected, your new tenants are responsible for setting up the bills when they take possession. If agreed we will notify the utility providers of your new tenants.

Do you arrange an inventory?

Yes, the tenants will check in and an inventory created on your behalf.

Will i receive the inventory?

Yes we can provide an inventory report, please ask a member of our team.

What is the difference between the management service and the other services?

This is explained in our Landlords letting process guide

Is the Gas Safety Certificate included?

No, but we will happily arrange this for you.

Who pays for the checkout?

Services like these we offer at no extra cost.

Do I need to comply withlegislation?

Please refer to our Lettings Regulations information

What is an EPC and how long will it be valid?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) measures the energy efficiency of a property using a scale of A-G and is valid for 10 years.

This is a legal requirement for landlords to have a valid EPC before their property is marketed.